SSLMIT Trieste Italy 2019
AITI quality certification 2019
Assointerpreti Board 2019
Assointerpreti Quality certification
Mantua Festivaletteratura - Ian McEwan
IAPTI Valencia 2018
AITI Assemblea Nazionale 2017
ATA Associate Membership
IUSE - Scienze Diplomatiche, classe 2002
John Kerry, Ex Segretario di Stato USA

About me

I am a certified professional conference interpreter based in Italy. I graduated from SSLMIT - University of Trieste (Italy) summa cum laude, I hold an advanced degree in International and Diplomatic Studies and a Certificate in International Protocol. I have also attended ISIT in Paris (CIUTI exchange student) and I have studied extensively in the United States.  I work to and from Italian and English, and from French into Italian and English. I specialise in Art, Literature, International Affairs and Behavioral Economics. I have also worked often in Food & Wine (Slow Food, Ferrero) and in the Automotive sector (board meetings, marketing, events - e.g. FCA, CNH Industrial, BMW). Before becoming a full-time language professional, I worked in tourism (2006 Turin Winter Olympics) and in one of Italy’s leading museums (La Venaria Reale – Foreign Loans). I am also a trainer and conference speaker. I specialize in Social Media and netiquette for interpreters, with a special focus on confidentiality: you can download the poster of the research I presented at Conf1nt100 here

Language and Consulting Services

Simultaneous interpretation and RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting)


I have worked in simultaneous for over 15 years. I started training on Remote Simultaneous Interpreting platforms early in 2019, so today I also work comfortably in RSI, having acquired the right skills and technical equipment. I have translated major corporate events and board meetings (e.g., FCA, BWM, Slow Food, Lavazza, Thales Alenia, Finmeccanica, Juventus FC), well-known personalities from sports, politics, entertainment, literature, economics and science (e.g., former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, former US Secretary of State John Kerry, Nobel laureates). I have also worked for the US Consulate in Milan, the Italian DOD, Italy’s major publishing houses and literary festivals, Artissima and other art fairs, VIEW Conference, numerous museums, institutions and foundations (e.g., La Venaria Reale, Compagnia di San Paolo). 

Consecutive interpretation

Amin Maalouf (Prix Goncourt 1993) at Fes

I have worked in consecutive for more than 15 years, particularly in the fields of art and literature. I have translated Nobel Laureates and winners of the Man Booker Prize, Prix Renaudot, and the Pulitzer Prize, among others. I have worked for Italy’s major publishing houses as well as literary and art festivals, museums and cultural institutions. I am used to working live on radio and television and streaming live on the web. I also work in consecutive remotely.

Language consulting, coordination of language services for events and translation projects 

Translations and Revisions

Studi d'Artista

I have been a translator for more than 15 years. I have translated art catalogs and essays (baroque, contemporary art, exhibitions, photography), screenplays, essays and papers for publication in international scholarly journals, annual reports and international projects. Many of my translations have appeared in print (e.g., Imago Mundi catalogs, Annual Reports). I have collaborated with public and private institutions, including the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ECFR, ISPI, MiBACT, La Venaria Reale, Castello di Rivoli, Fondazione Benetton, Galleria Mazzoleni London, Compagnia di San Paolo, University of Turin, University of Valle d’Aosta. I am also available for revisions and localisation projects. 

Salone Greer

I provide turnkey language solutions (also in RSI and remote consecutive) for events large and small, and I coordinate teams of interpreters as well as translators for large translation projects, relying on a network of expert professional colleagues. I am available to help you find the perfect solution for your event, to ensure that it is technically flawless and linguistically effective.

Terp Help Desk (THD)
METMeetings 2019

Trainer and conference speaker

As a trainer and a speaker, I focus on various aspects of interpreting, particularly consecutive, social media and confidentiality, netiquette, online communication, and business etiquette for professional interpreters. I am the co-founder of TerpHelpDesk.

Contact me

Sarah Cuminetti Servizi di Traduzione e Interpretazione

Turin - Italy

VAT ID IT03113900041

+39 335 8258610

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