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Simultaneous and consecutive, in person and remote

I work in simultaneous and consecutive, online and offline. I have worked with Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, world-famous corporate and political personalities. I have worked for TV, radio and live online events. I adhere to international RSI guidelines to ensure the highest quality standards.

Training and conference speaker

I have spoken at leading translation and interpretation events about consecutive for the publishing industry, remote consecutive, confidentiality and social media for interpreters. As a trainer, I have lectured on remote consecutive, netiquette and social media for interpreters.

Language service solutions for your event

Unsure how to organize translation for your event and how to find interpreting booths and equipment? No need to worry, I will help you find the perfect solution for your multi-language event - in person or remote, from business meetings and small workshops to large conferences, just leave it all to me. I coordinate teams of interpreters and I collaborate with first-class tech teams to ensure the success of your event. 

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